Enter your data regarding your smoke behavior so that the app can calculate your efforts, health improvements and body reactions. If you start right now all numbers will show 0. It will take some hours until the first numbers will raise and you see some effort.

Stop date

Enter the date you stopped smoking. That date must be in the past or today. If you want to select a month that has not already passed in the current year, the app might interpret this as a future date and will not allow that and reset the date to today. So just start by selecting the year first instead, then the month.

Cigarettes / Day

Choose the amount of cigarettes you usually smoke per day.

Cigarettes / Pack

Select the number of cigarettes included in a pack you usually buy.


Select the currency of your country.

Price / Pack

Enter the price a pack of your cigarettes costs.


Share your efforts with your friends by tapping on the share button in the upper right corner of the overview screen.

Change data

You can change all the data at any time in the settings menu. The app will adopt and show the corrected values.


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